At FiinGroup (previously StoxPlus), we take pride in quality, integrity, and technical expertise. We believe that every client project is both an obligation and an opportunity to demonstrate why we deserve that reputation. It is our approach in all market research assignments is to combine data-driven analysis with local and practical market insights.

Scoping and Project Planning

Business Report

A thorough approach is applied for company reports by FiinGroup. Our analysts build reports based on our business information database of +800,000 businesses in Vietnam, which is the most rigorous database in Vietnam. FiinGroup database is the systematic combination of diverse data sources including but not limited to:

• FiinGroup (previously StoxPlus) Existing Database

• General Statistics Office

• Credit Information Centre

• Stock Exchange

• Vietnam Social Insurance

• Banks


• Ministries (MOF, MPI, MOIT, etc.)

• Chambers of Commerce

• Trade Associations

• Etc.

Via the mentioned approach, every single data point is, hence, validated with multiple sources before being included in the report. Report contents will include both financial information, company performance and other business information that our analysts based on strict selection deem necessary. The business information of each company is not only extracted by our database but also collected from interviews with industry experts via a widely established expert network of FiinGroup.

Industry Research

The approach towards industry research consists of primary, secondary research sources and industry expertise. The data from FiinGroup database, government, relevant industry associates, qualitative and quantitative research are synthesized into industry reports. For each particular research, the top management team will design the approach at the beginning of the research project to ensure the most appropriate methodology being applied.
Strong focus is taken to ensure all analyses are well-supported by reliable facts. In addition, each dedicated analyst team are in charge of each specific industry and ensure their most thorough understanding of the industry. The dedicated team possess deep and most updated knowledge about their appointed industry via regular exposure with industry information and relationships with key industry players and experts.

Other Contributing Partners' Reports

All of FiinGroup’s research reports and other publications from research contributing partners are carefully reviewed and scrutinized by the firm’s senior management team in an effort to ensure that research methodology is sound, all information provided is accurate, analysts' assumptions are carefully documented, and conclusions are well-supported by facts. Only the most qualified reports provided by Business Information’s research partners are approved to appear on this report portal.