Our Customers

Our clients normally include foreign and local industry players in variety of industries, M&A advisory and management consulting firms, investment banking firms, cross-border trading promotion governmental agencies and non-profit organizations such as the World Bank. Some of our clients are fortune 500 companies such as SK Group (Korea) while others are small and medium corporations from Japan, Korea, European, ASEAN who are penetrating into Vietnam. We also work with foreign hedge funds and private equity firms seeking to investment in Vietnam. Our clients all share one common thread – the demand for excellent research quality services supporting with data and local insights and market intelligence.

What people are saying

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“I am a customer of FiinResearch specifically for the Consumer Finance Industry Report and we have subscribed the service for few years. I have been working in many countries and have been accessing to many publications for the sector. I think this is the best coverage in the World about this topic for Vietnam. Thanks to FiinResearch’ reports, we can have substantial inputs for our business and product strategy operations. More importantly, thanks to the report, my chairman knowingly that FE Credit has the better performance comparing to peers and achievements and continuing to be the market leader in the consumer finance sector in Vietnam.”

Mr. Kalidas Ghose

CEO of FE Credit

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“We are sincerely very much thanks to FiinResearch for providing the useful reports whether the customized and market research reports with in depth information. We can use such information for management decision on the business operation and investment.”

Mr. Asada

SCG Trading Vietnam