PM Demands Dairy Hike Explanation

VNS | Mon, Sep 16, 2013 08:52:00 AM Share this on

The Prime Minister asked the ministries of Health and Finance on Thursday to report the high price of milk on the local market.

Because the milk price is not controlled by the Government, dairy companies can increase prices at any time. Some milk products were listed at US$4-5 (VND80,000-100,000) per unit on customs declarations forms, but were retailed for VND400,000-900,000, according to the General Customs Office, The Pricing Management Department of the Ministry of Finance said the ministry had not conducted any investigation of milk prices because the product was not under its control. Reports on milk products sent to the department classified those for children under six as "nutrition products", placing them outside the scope of the ministry. In August, the Ministry of Finance asked the Ministry of Health to provide a list of companies producing and trading milk products, as well as a list of certified milk products for children under six years old of which the price had been stabilised and a list of nutrition foods for children under six. However, almost all firms did not call the items "milk products" when submitting the lists.

Source: VNS