Vietnam Dairy Market 2017

December 26, 2017 |

By Biinform


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We have completed the review of Dairy market in Vietnam. Below are the most critical findings that could be important for your consideration.

1) Vietnam witnessed a gradual growth of the dairy consumption of approximately 12% for the last 03 years. Generally, Vietnam has witnessed a gradual growth of dairy consumption of 12% in the last 03 years. The industry is expected to grow by 9% per year, or 27-28 liters/person/year by 2020. It can be seen that in recent 03 years, dairy products supply from domestic source has increased continuously by nearly 50%, making its dairy production proportion increase by 13%.

2) Total drinking milk and powdered milk value accounted for over 70% of total market. The two most important components deciding the growth of dairy industry in Vietnam are drinking milk (liquid milk) and powdered milk. In 2016, drinking milk reached over 1 billion liters; while powdered milk reached 110.8 thousand tonnes

3) Vietnam spent around US$850 million per year to import milk and dairy product. New Zealand remains the biggest milk provider for Vietnam. However its proportion in total import value decreased from 26% in 2012 to 22% in 2016. Import value of products from US, France, Germany, Holland are also in the decreasing trend. Vietnamese customers are more and more interested in milk products from Singapore, Thailand and Australia.

4) Vietnam dairy market is mostly dominated by top 08 players, accounting for 90% market share. Top 08 players in Dairy market occupied 90% of total market share, of which Vinamilk constitutes nearly 50% with net sales over US$2,000 mn, followed by Nestle Vietnam (12%) and Nutifood Binh Duong (8%).

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