Vietnam Water Supply Sector Preview 2017

December 27, 2017 |

By Biinform


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Water scarcity is a national issue that comes from both demographics and climate change. Around 60 million people in Vietnam do not receive clean water from pipeline systems of water supply companies, according to StoxPlus. For the remaining of 32 million people who are using piped water, they also face water scarcity or are under water stress in peak season such as summer (in the north) or Dry season in the south. From human consumption to industrial and services use, country demand for water and water services exceed current supply.

High potential for growth is a key conclusion drawn from StoxPlus’ research on water supply sector since the industry registered a double growth after ten years of development but Vietnam still face water scarcity. Reviewing the current supply, Vietnam has 197 water supply companies with total supply capacity of 7.01 million cubic meters per day, according to StoxPlus’ database.

On average, each person consumed 75.65 liters of piped water per day in 2016, 37% lower than the minimum consumption level set by Ministry of Construction. There is a gap of at least 4 million cubic meters water per day for household using purpose, as of analysis from StoxPlus. Water demand from industrial parks and services area have not yet taken into account since there’s no official statistics on the use of piped water in industrial parks and services area be conducted.

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