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De Heus Company Limited specializes in manufacturing and trading feeds for cattle, poultry, and fish. The Company possesses 07 animal and aqua feed factories in Mekong River Delta and in the South region of Vietnam.
The Company offers a wide range of animal feeds for pigs, chicken, and dairy cattle, along with feeds for fish and shrimp. Besides, the Company supplies chicken and swine breeds for farmers in VietnamIn 2016, De Heus Vietnam's total trading quantity was more than 01 million tons, and hence maintaining its rank in top 05 biggest animal feed producers.
Thanks to the company's chain of factories and warehouses throughout the country, De Heus has a widespread market in Vietnam. Also, with products branded De Heus, Windmill, and Koudijs, the Company exports products to Nigeria, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Phillippines, etc.