Upcoming release - Vietnam Banking Report 2019

June 06, 2019 |

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Vietnam’s strategy is to develop a “more balanced capital market structure” – that is, strengthening the financial and capital markets via restructuring the banking sector and developing the fixed income and equities markets. This direction guides policy releases e.g. restrictions on real estate lending, capital adequacy requirements, short-term deposits for medium- and long-term lending ratios, etc. which means to shift the burden of long-term loans from the banking sector to the capital markets. 

In this report, we review the results of Vietnam's efforts to (i)  raise capital adequacy ratios at banks via Basel 2 implementation by 2020,  (ii) reduce bad debts in the last seven years since 2012, as well as (iii) consolidate the banking. Expect an eventful year for banks, given the newly issued requirement that all banks have to be listed by 2020, bank's continued profitability despite lackluster corporate's performance in 2018 and 1Q2019,  and the digital and retail trends sweeping changes throughout the sector.

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