Vietnam Flexible Packaging Market 2016

December 07, 2016 |

By Biinform Division

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StoxPlus is pleased to introduce Vietnam Flexible Packaging 2016 Report, the second on this industry. This report presents a broad range of topics, both sector-specific and cross-cutting market issues.

The research provides latest information on market size as well as competition landscaping of Vietnam flexible packaging market. Particularly, for this issue, we focus on analysing two main sources of packaging demand including Food &Beverage (particularly Impulse & Indulgence products, Noodles, Seafood) and non-food sectors (Consumer Goods). Key financial figures on listed flexible packaging companies are also included.

Below are the most critical findings in our second issue:

1)     Vietnam plastic packaging is the largest segment in packaging industry with US$4.2bn in size. Among the 4 segments in packaging, plastic packaging is also the highest value and fastest growing one with total size of approximately US$4.27bn in 2015. The reason is due to the growth of Food & Beverage (including packaged food, beverage, and seafood), leading to a high demand for plastic packaging.

2)     As a part of the value chain to transform raw materials commodity into value-added inputs for end-users, Vietnam plastic packaging manufacturers are crucial to manage the stability of their input raw material costs and pass through as much of the raw material price inflation as possible to customers. On the supply side, Vietnamese firms heavily rely on imported raw materials as well as machinery and equipment. Top 5 country sources for import of plastic resin in 2015 are from Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Arab Saudi.

3)     Multi-layered flexible packaging sector has a market size of US$891mn in 2015. It is noted that the market size estimation only takes into account of independent multi-layered (laminated) flexible packaging manufacturers. As such, Vietnam flexible packaging market could be larger if including in-house multi-layered flexible packaging plants and mono-layered manufacturers.

4)     The market is dominated by the top 10 players. Local market leaders in flexible packaging are Liksin, Saplastic and Rang Dong. Meanwhile, foreign flexible packaging companies such as Huhtamaki (Finland), J.S Packaging (South Korea), Tong Yuan (Taiwan), and Ngai Mee (Singapore) are aggressively competing with local companies by expanding via M&A, leveraging their modern machinery and equipment as well as their expertise on flexible packaging.

5)     Flexible packaging serves a wide range of end-used markets. Domestic demand is very potential due to strong growth and that end users outsource their packaging to third party. We analyzed in-depth the competitive landscape and demand of flexible packaging from two main categories including Food & Beverage and Non-food sectors.

6)     Vietnam flexible packaging sector recorded an active participation of international giants to take advantages of many FTAs signed recently including VKFTA and AEC. In 2014 - 2015, Meiwa Pax and SCG successfully acquired Saigon Trapaco and Batico, respectively. Higher foreign investors’ interest could be explained by the fact that international packaging giants tend to implement “hybrid” model which serves short-term export and long-term increasing packaging demand of Vietnam

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