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With advanced fermentation production technology and biochemical processing technology, Vedan Vietnam is the leading MSG product manufacturers in Vietnam with the largest production quantity (updated 2014). The Vietnam-based plant is currently the main plant of Vedan International Holdings, thus, it is supplying to customers of Vedan around the world. It was recorded that in 2016, half of Vedan Vietnam's revenue came from foreign countries, rather than from domestic consumption. 
Due to the intense competition with imported MSG products recently, the Company is forced to seek optimal options to cut down production cost. In its recent attempt, Vedan Vietnam brought a new electricity self-generator into operation to minimize the adverse impact of rising cost of energy in Vietnam. Net profit of the Company showed incredible improvement accordingly.  
Besides MSG products, Vedan Vietnam's portfolio also includes other by-products and raw materials such as cassava starch, specialty chemicals, glucose  syrup, etc.