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Types of Report
Type Description Turnaround time
(working days)
Unit Price Download Sample
Industry Reports The reports provide you with essential business information about key markets in Vietnam. Currently, we cover 15 basic sectors of Vietnam including Banks, Consumer Finance, Cement, Retails, Housing & Construction, Plastic Packaging, Flexible & PET Packaging, Fertilizer, Pharmaceuticals and Aluminum. ~ 20 days* US$ 2,500
(VND 55,860,000)
  Industry Report Sample   
M&A Reports Vietnam M&A Research Report presents a board range of topics, both sector-specific and cross-cutting on M&A activities in Vietnam. Our M&A report utilized extracted database with over 5 years of historical data in Vietnam. In addition to data analysis, the report also relies on the authors extensive knowledge and experience in advising deals in Vietnam. US$ 400
(VND 8,938,000)
Company Profile Report Very well formatted profile for a specific company serving the initial screening works. 01-3 days US$ 25
(VND 558,000)
    Sample Company Profile Report  
Standard Company Report Extend the data to more details on financial and operational serving better decision-makings. 03 – 05 days US$ 250
(VND 5,586,000)
      Sample Standard Company Report  
Comprehensive Company Report A very premium content report covering a specific company. With CCR, users can have the most comprehensive, multi-dimensional view about a company. The information includes financial statement, key development, trade history, commentary and many other data. 07 – 10 days US$ 500
(VND 11,172,000)
      Sample Standard Company Report  

* For customized report, turnaround time could be changed upon the discussion and agreement of both sides

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  • Within 14 days, the trial package provides user full advantage of the paid FiinPro, including:

    + Full FiinPro features;

    + All real-time and daily updated data;

    + Create and Save your own work space.

    + 24/7 customer support via FiinPro customer support hotline and Skype help.

  • For the convenience of users. FiinPro allows the documents which are exported from FiinPro can be opened and read on any other computers. We believe that it is also the way to spread our knowledge.

    However, user must log in into user's FiinPro account via FiinPro Add-in in order to update the data file.

  • FiinPro is designed and developed based on the understanding of customers' needs. User can easily find and export the data set customized exclusively for Amibroker on StoxPlus Templates of FiinPro Data Explorer.
  • FiinPro sector data is classified based on the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB), which was launched by Dow Jones and FTSE in 2005.
  • Due to the fact that many companies do not have sufficient financial data or have not yet announced it, their financial data is calculated on different input databases. The abbreviations clarify different methods of financial data calculation.

    + TTM (Trailing Twelve Months) means the financial ratios are calculated based on the results of 4 latest quarters before the current quarter. For example, with ABT - Bentre Aquaproduct Import and Export JSC, the financial ratios as of June 22, 2015 were calculated based on 4 quarters from Q2/2014 to Q1/2015.

    + LAG (Lagging) means the financial ratios are calculated based on the results of 4 previous quarters prior to the last quarter as the company has not posted its last-quarter results. For example, with XYZ Company, the financial ratios as of August 30, 2015 were calculated based on 4 quarters from Q2/2014 to Q1/2015 as the company has not posted Q2/2015 results.

    + LFY (Last Fiscal Year or Last Financial Year) means the financial ratios are calculated based on the results of the fiscal year before the current fiscal year. For example, with AGD - Godaco Seafood Joint Stock Company, the financial ratios as of July 1, 2015 were calculated based on the results of 2014 fiscal year.

    + LFY-1 (Last Fiscal Year - 1) means the financial ratios are calculated based on the results of the fiscal year before the last fiscal year. For examples, with KHB - HoaBinh Minerals Joint Stock Company, the financial ratios as of July 1, 2015 were calculated based on the results of 2013 fiscal year, 1 year prior to the last fiscal year.

    Note: Although some financial ratios might be historic based on the most updated information as mentioned, other financial ratios related to stock prices such as P/E, P/B in FiinPro are calculated based on adjusted prices of the latest ex-date.

  • Normally, new selected function will be opened in new work tab. However, you can go to [Edit] on the Menu, select [Add Multiple], then select multiple functions in order to display them in the bottom area of your current work tab. In another way, you can still select new function display normally then merge these function tabs into only work tab by pointing the mouse at the name box of each tab, drag and drop them in one window.
  • FiinPro offers users comprehensive and insightful data, including data of 800+ listed and 1,200+ unlisted companies along with sector, market and macro data. Our experienced IT solution engineers and data analysts integrate data from:

    1. Hochiminh Stock Exchange (HOSE)

    2. Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX)

    3. General Statistics Office of Vietnam (GSO)

    4. State Securities Commission (SSC)

    5. Business Registration Management Agency

  • Whenever you meet the "error" notification message or have any issues while using FiinPro, please use our customer support service.

    (1) Leave your message at "Feedback" box at the top right of FiinPro application and we will respond within 24 hours.

    (2) Contact our customer support directly via FiinPro hotline and we will reply instantly.

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